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The JuJu Beans: Rocket Machine The JuJu Beans
Rocket Machine
Released: 2013
Uncle Dave's Rock Service: The World's First Perfect Crime Uncle Dave's Rock Service
The World's First Perfect Crime
Released: 2012
Metal Shop: Crash Gordon - Single Metal Shop
Crash Gordon - Single
Released: 2012
Winger Lickin' Good: Good 4 U - Single Winger Lickin' Good
Good 4 U - Single
Released: 2011
Uncle Dave's Rock Service: Get Loose - Single Uncle Dave's Rock Service
Get Loose - Single
Released: 2011
SilverCloud: SilverCloud SilverCloud
Released: 2010
Bullitt: EP Bullitt
Released: 2009
49th Vibration: Demo 49th Vibration
Released: 2007
Eden Machine: Rebirth Eden Machine
Released: 2004
Aschere: Demo Aschere
Released: 2004
Baby Jane Hudson: Skipping In Chalked Up Squares Baby Jane Hudson
Skipping In Chalked Up Squares
Released: 2003
Baby Jane Hudson: Erogenous (Snuka's Yummy Mix) Baby Jane Hudson
Erogenous (Snuka's Yummy Mix)
Released: 2002
Baby Jane Hudson: Marbles Made Like Lemonade Baby Jane Hudson
Marbles Made Like Lemonade
Released: 2001
Frognot: Cyrogenically Preserved Frognot
Cyrogenically Preserved
Released: 2000
Jodi Nelson: Maybe, I will... Jodi Nelson
Maybe, I will...
Released: 1999
Frognot: Uncovered - Single Frognot
Uncovered - Single
Released: 1999
Frognot: Welcome to Frognot Frognot
Welcome to Frognot
Released: 1998
Matthew Johnson: [Unreleased] Matthew Johnson
Released: 1996
Pulp Society: Second Chance - Single Pulp Society
Second Chance - Single
Released: 1995
East of Eden: Demo East of Eden
Released: 1993
Sloe Gin: Demo Sloe Gin
Released: 1992
100 Proof: Demo 100 Proof
Released: 1990


Metal Shop
10:00 p.m.
747 S. Central Expressway
Richardson, TX


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Metal Shop
10:00 p.m.
Split Town Tavern
11285 FM 730 N
Azle, TX


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Metal Shop
8:00 p.m.
House of Blues Dallas
White Swan Building. 2200 N. Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75202


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Discography:   Frognot:   Welcome to Frognot

Frognot: Welcome to Frognot
Welcome to Frognot
Released: 1998
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TrackTrack LengthAudioCredit
1. What I Want(3:52) Credit
2. Little Pieces(3:53) Credit
3. Feel It(3:18) Credit
4. You Never Know(2:57) Credit
5. Remember(3:44) Credit
6. Empty(4:18) Credit
7. Mother(4:19) Credit
8. Every Day Thing(3:09) Credit
9. The Fall(3:31) Credit
10. Stranger Than Me(3:09) Credit
11. Just Like You(4:11) Credit


Welcome to FrognotFrognot: Welcome to Frognot
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Baby Jane Hudson
Marbles Made Like LemonadeBaby Jane Hudson: Marbles Made Like Lemonade
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